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Lemongrass Essential Oil 15ml – 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade

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Purifies Skin  Reduce Acne  Reduce Excess Oil

Twasa Lemongrass Essential Oil has the citric charm and age-old herbal benefits that can prove to be therapeutic for the mind and body. A few drops will enrich the skin, revive your hair, and also enliven your body and muscles. A popular tool used in aromatherapy, Twasa Lemongrass Essential Oil can relieve stress and anxiety and is also used by experts to treat digestive as well as other health problem.

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Lemongrass essential oil has a lemony fragrance with warm grassy-woody hints. The healing fragrance of Twasa lemongrass essential oil helps uplift mood, sharpen focus and evoke enthusiasm. Insecticidal properties make it a par excellence additive to cleaners and soaps. Twasa Cosmetics and Skin Care Brand Introduce 100 percent High Quality Pure Natural Standard Lemongrass Essential Oil, paraben free and cruelty free for various purposes such as aromatherapy, massage, spa, hair care, and skincare. All the product sell by us are Organic and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

The end product of the process is the concentrated Lemongrass oil. In the ancient times, lemongrass was basically used to treat indigestion, inflammation and fever. Today it has myriad uses including using it as mood enhancer, natural insect repellent and deodorizer. Twasa Lemongrass essential oil has a sweet citrusy smell. It’s an herbal essential oil that has stimulating, soothing, relaxing and balancing effect on the body and mind. These therapeutic properties make it ideal for use in aromatherapy. This oil lists among the many oils that are commonly used in spas. Additionally, lemongrass oil is used to reduce the muscular knots and spasms as well as arthritis. Massaging your forehead with this oil mixed with carrier oil will reduce the ache.

Our Every batch of Lemongrass Oil is tested and we ensures the essential oil’s authenticity and purity. our all-natural, and therapeutic grade essential oil’s every drop is undiluted, steam distilled, steam-extracted right from the source without any additives or harmful chemicals.

Bottled in a 15ml Glass Bottle with Built-In dropper for easy pouring and application – All of our finest, freshest essential oils are bottled in an white glass bottle in the India.

 100% pure, undiluted, steam distilled, natural essential oil
 Has a lemony, grass-woody and refreshing aroma
 Nourishes hair and skin
 Has antiseptic and astringent properties that reduce skin and scalp infections

 Natural decongestant and treats respiratory disorders
 Provides relief from Decongests, anxiety, exhaustion, stress and eases breathing
 Natural pain reliever and protects skin against infections

 Emanates a soothing fragrance, suitable for aromatherapy
 Can be used in a diffuser or humidifier to keep your interiors smelling fresh
 Lemongrass oil can be added to massage oils to give aromatherapy benefits

Lemongrass Oils are Used for a Variety of Uses & Applications

 For Beauty: Add a few drops of Twasa Lemongrass Essential Oil to boiling water for facial steam or mix any shampoo, hair oil, or conditioner for nourishing hair. For best results, use once a week.

 For Holistic well-being: Add a few drops of Twasa Lemongrass Essential Oil with any carrier oil and gently massage into the skin or add to a diffuser.

 Natural Insect Repellent: Add a few drops of this oil to the water in the spray can, it will not only deodorize but also keeps the insects at bay.

 Pain Reliever: Soak your feet in a footbath with a couple of drops of lemongrass essential oil to relax your soles. Good for those who suffer from arthritis.

 Natural Deodrizer: Add a few drops to spray bottle containing water. Spray it around the house.

 Aromatherapy: Use in candle or electric diffuser to uplift mood and spirit, leaving an energized feeling. This oil has a sweet lemony aroma.

 MASSAGE OIL: Mix a few drops of Twasa lemongrass oil with any one of the carrier oil such as Jojoba oil, coconut or almond oil.


Best Before : 36 Months From Mfg. Date.
Country of Origin: INDIA
Marketed & Manufacturered by :HCP Wellness Private Limited
Address : 403 Maruti Elanza Vertex, Opp. Global Hospital, Nr. GTPL House, Sindhu Bhavan Road, S. G. Highway, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad - 380054, Gujarat, India
Importer Name : N/A

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