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TWASA Cosmetics has virtually unlimited flexibility to customize Cosmetics and Toiletries Products and introduce variants into the manufacturing process while maintaining strict control over product quality.

We are a group of techno-commercial people having vast experience in the field of manufacturing and international commerce (exports & imports) with a team consisting of engineers, pharmacists, science graduates, and commerce graduates, skilled & experienced employees. Manufacturing facility consists of well designed hygienic plant, effective infrastructure and eco friendly work environment with all the necessary machinery, required technicians & knowledge to produce & procure internationally acceptable quality & packaging requirements. It also consists of all types of amenities available within factory premises, such as research & development set up, testing laboratory, computerized administrative offices with latest communication facilities and transportation.

We are offering Cosmetics & Toiletries items like Toothpaste (White, Gel, Herbal, Tartar Control, Soda Bi Carb) Shaving Cream / Gel, Shampoo & Conditioner, Hair Relaxer Cream, Hair Pomed, and Cosmetics (Fairness Cream, Skin Lightening Cream, Moisturizing Cold Cream, Body Lotion, Hair Styling Gel / Cream, Face Wash, Bath Wash, Complexion Mask & Orange Peel Off Mask) with international Standards from India.

Our products are widely accepted in local as well as in the exports markets. We are offering all above mention items in the private label & customized as per the buyer’s requirements & specifications.

Twasa’s manufacturing environment for Herbal Cosmetics, Toiletries, Skin Care, Hair Care – Natural & Organic products is extremely sophisticated – high quality standards and consumer expectations demand standards of excellence for product uniformity.

Twasa Cosmetics offers turn-key manufacturing and packaging of Herbal Cosmetics, Toiletries, Skin Care, Hair Care – Natural & Organic products.

Our adept production facility offers complete turn-key supplement manufacturing satisfaction. We provide products manufactured to the highest quality standards backed by responsive, on time delivery and dependable customer satisfaction.

Precision automation and state-of-the-art equipment provide the backbone of our contract manufacturing and packaging operations.

Manufacturing Machines
√ Hot Air Oven
√ Colloidal Mill
√ Sparkler Filter
√ Vibrator Sifter – 2 nos
√ Double Cone Blender – Capacity 50kg
√ Homogenizer / Emulsifier – Capacity 200kg
√ SS Mixing Vessel with Stirrer – Capacity 500kg
√ Stirrer with Jacketed Tank – Capacity 200kg , 2 nos
√ Jacketed Heating Kettle with Stirrer – Capacity 500kg
√ Planetary Mixer with Jacketed Tank – Capacity 100kg, 2 nos
√ Stirrer with Jacketed Tank – Capacity 50kg for small batches
√ Jacketed Water Heating Tank with Thermowool – Capacity 500 ltr

Filling & Packaging Machines
√ Shrink Wrap Tunnel / Shrink Pack Oven
√ Soap Stamping Machine
√ Two 1500 lt. Contra Mixer
√ Two 1000 lt. Phase Vessel
√ Transfer Pump
√ Three Tube Filling Machines
√ Volumetric Filling Machine
√ Pouch Filling Machine
√ Programmable Ink Jet Coding Machine
√ Two Conveyor Belts
√ Other Supportive Machineries
√ FFS machine for Sachets
√ Carton Strapping Machine
√ Induction Sealing Machine
√ Semi Auto Soap Cutting Machine
√ Semi Automatic Tube Labeling Machine
√ Auto Labeling Machine for Round Bottles & Jars
√ Ink Jet Printing Machine for online Batch Coding
√ Ultrasonic High Frequency Tube Sealing Machine
√ Auto Labeling Machine for Bottles with Flat Surface
√ Manual Operated Filling Machines for Small Batch Quantity
√ Auto Centering Seamless Plastic Tube & Lamitube Filling & Sealing Machine
√ Semi Automatic Seamless Plastic Tube & Lamitube Filling & Sealing Machine
√ Horizontal FFS Machine for Soap Wrapping in Pillow Pouch with online Batch Coding
√ Double Head Automatic Filling Machine with Scrambler, Online Air jet cleaning & UV Chamber for Sterilization of Bottles & Jars
√ Inspection Tables

Tube & Bottle Printing :
We also have the In-house capability for 1 & 2 color Screen Printing of Tubes & Bottles as per the Color Scheme and Artwork provided. We intend to have the facility for Pad Printing soon.

Testing & Measuring instruments used for quality testing
Digital Weighing Machines to measure RM & PM

For Micro Lab
√ Autoclave
√ Incubator
√ Air Laminar
√ Micro Pipette
√ Hot Air Oven
√ Vortex Mixture
√ Microscope Binocular
√ Digital Colony Counter
√ Digital Weighing Scale
√ Bacteriostatic Oxygen Dehumidifier (BOD)

For Chemical Lab
√ pH Meter
√ Fumigator
√ Lab Stirrer
√ Water Bath
√ Polarimeter
√ RH Chamber
√ Refractometer
√ Muffle Furnance
√ Heating Mantle
√ Magnetic Stirrer
√ Remi Centrifuge
√ Conductivity Meter
√ Ostwald Viscometer
√ Digital Vernier Caliper
√ Brookfield Viscometer
√ Dhona Weighing Scale
√ Electronic Heating Plate
√ Foam Height Apparatus
√ Melting Point Apparatus
√ Automatic Penetrometer
√ Electronic Weighing Scale
√ Leakproof Test Apparatus
√ Digital Thermohygrometer
√ Digital Screw Gauge (0-50)
√ Karl Fischer Titration Apparatus
√ Digital Constant Temperature Water Bath

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