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For many years, TWASA has been the trusted partner of major players in the sector of Cosmetics / Cosmetic private labels and contract manufacture.

The company offers experience and specialist expertise in the custom manufacture of Cosmetic Products for the health and treatment of the face, body and hair, and treatments aimed at protecting the skin at all ages from the signs of time.

Treatment and prevention are a gesture of love towards yourself, and taking care of your skin is part of a daily routine of prevention, which helps you to eliminate stresses and feel at peace with the world, because it takes on a “proactive” meaning as you experience the inevitable passing of time without feelings of uneasiness.

TWASA is not only involved in the development and manufacture of products for third parties, it also provides continuous assistance to its customers, both during the development stage and the manufacture and validation stage of the product.

Twasa Cosmetics is able to guarantee a complete service of manufacture, filling and packaging of creams and gels in single-dose or multi-dose containers, offering, at the same time, services involving the study and development of new design ideas for creating the packaging.

We Offer Private Label Cosmetics Products Contract Manufacturing as below:

Soap, Skin Care Products, Facial Kits, Skin Creams, Skin Treatment, Hair Care, Scrub, Face Wash, Hand Wash, Toothpaste, Mouth Freshner, Shave Cream, Shave Gel, Cream, Lotion, Shampoo, Hair Cleanser, Serum, Angi-Aging Cream, Fairness Producs, Sun Protection (SPF) Cream, Bubble Bath, Hair Oil, Massage Oil, Talc, Petroleum Jelly, Powder, Petroleum Jelly


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