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How to layer your skincare

How to layer your skincare
Using toners and hydrating mists to serums and oils, it is totally exciting to work out the best order to apply skincare products. You have 2 different serums on the go, but which one to apply on the skin first? And then SPF, when you have applied it in proper order? Almost the answer is a big No or Never. The general rule is to go by texture and its consistency. Start applying from the thinner one, water base formulas go on first and the thickest last - but it can chop and change a little bit depending on ingredients. To get a little idea about that, we've put all together and an easy to follow guide on the best order to apply your skincare... Cleanser Start your skincare routine keep your first step a cleansing your face. This will ensure any dirt and make-up from the day has been removed before you start applying skincare products. It’s better to cleanse your face two times in the evening, as the first cleanser will remove your make-up, and the second will remove everything else. Twasa Charcoal Face Wash - Cleanser, purifies and removes impurities without stripping your skin, all while soothing neroli and vitamin c work to calm and brighten your skin. Acid toner After cleansing, use an acid skin/face toner which is ideally alternate between a few as this will get your skin working harder. Any containing salicylic acid is great for blemish-prone skin, while toners that contain glycolic will resurface and boost collagen production. Serum The serum has a higher active ingredients concentration and can moisturize the skin deeply than average face cream or moisturizers because of the tiny molecules it contains. It will instantly increase the performance and gives maximum benefits of any other skincare you apply to it. Choose a serum that tackles your skin concerns and if you have a few problems you're wanting to tackle, you can also layer a couple together. Moisturiser once you apply serums soft layer on your skin, use a moisturizer with thicker consistency – so that it will not penetrate in the skin as deeply, they create a lipid barrier that helps to prevent any further moisture loss. Give some time to apply it properly on your face or neck. Oil when people avoid oil, the rich, lipid and silken consistency makes for a great way to restore the moisture in your skin. If your skin is dry or sensitive, oils work as an absolute magic wand. In the last step in your evening routine, you can layer face serums. Twasa Vitamin C Serum - apply a few drops to your hands, rub them together to warm it up and then press it into your skin using your fingertips. Oh, and despite popular belief, you don’t need to avoid face oils if you suffer from oily skin - they can actually be a saving grace. Above everything, weekly applying a face mask will help keep your skin clean, refresh and unclogged. You can also alternative the skin care you're using to match what your skin is doing and how it's reacting. For example, if you tend to break out around your time of the month opt of anything containing salicylic acid, or if your skin tends to veer on the drier side in the winter months, a hyaluronic packed serum and rich face cream will be your knights in shining armour.

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