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Tips For Festive Glow

Tips For Festive Glow

As another year comes to a rather anticlimactic end, we can’t help but reflect on all the goals we managed to achieve this year, while also making our peace wit tose that we missed. It is these unachieved dreams that enable us to start yet another ambitious list of new year resolutions.

One goal that is perpetually perched on that list is the desire to achieve flawless skin. Every skin is beautiful, but it is human nature to find flaws even in perfection. Thus rises the need to fix that hyperpigmentation or reduce that acne. If not permanently, then at least for one night, so that you can capture that perfect Instagram, worthy picture. Sounds relatable?

The season for clicking pictures and putting your best foot forward has sneaked upon us once again. While the world is covered in a blanket of beautiful white snow and colourful lights that gives you glimmers of hope, we bring to you the perfect tips to glow brighter than the Christmas decorations.

Now, unlike a Christmas miracle, the process of achieving flawless skin cannot be achieved overnight. As much as we wish that Cinderella’s fairy godmother could sprinkle some of her magic on us, in the real world, you have to hustle to achieve what you desire. So get up, get ready because it is time to hustle and achieve that picture perfect glow!

Before we impart some beauty wisdom, here is a gentle reminder that you are beautiful and perfect, just the way you are. You might feel the need to hide your imperfections but at the end of the day, when you look at yourself in the mirror, all you need to feel is the feeling of being grateful to be the person that you are. Now let’s get started.


This one might be a cliche, but this is the holy grail of skincare. Water is one of the richest sources of mineral and nutrients that help your body flush out excess toxins. If you have ever come across a Dewey faced model, know that underneath the layers of highlighter, what helps the model achieve glowing skin is a well hydrated and supple skin. Your skin needs to shine brighter than a diamond from within, and for that, you must keep yourself hydrated.


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a moisturised skin. Moisturisers help retain the glow of your skin while also getting rid of dryness due to change of weather and pollution. If your skin is flaky and lacks moisture, no amount of makeup or product will be able to give you the glow you deire. So never skip on your moisturiser!

Apart from hydration and moisturising, ensure that you eat a healthy and nutritious meal. Remember, the goal is to achieve glowing skin and for that, you need to have healthy skin too. Apply face masks that are suitable for your skin type at least once a week and use sunscreen before stepping out of the house. Follow these tips and by the time the clock strikes midnight, you would have an arsenal of pictures that will make you the subject of everyone’s envy!

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